Goesee: The Point of this Blog (a.ka. The Intro…)

Well here is the start of my new venture - the goesee blog. I don't know whether it will be a success or not but what I am hoping for, is to get the plethora of bullshit philosophies and fricken ideas onto a site to catalogue my craziness. (Sidebar: The following will definitely answer most peoples burning question: Do crazy people realize they're crazy? Oh, well if you live in my shell, then you bet!) So what's my mission? Well, that would be enjoyment! I will do this until I have nothing left to say or share or if it stops being fun.

You may or may not know this, but here are just some of the jobs I've had (with the word some, being the operative word here):  Student, Graduate, Meat Packer, Lounge Singer, Retail Sales Clerk, Fine Artist, Graphic Arts Designer, Typesetter, Bookkeeping Clerk, Business Analyst, Fitness Trainer, (Trophy) Wife, Financial Analyst, International Banking Specialist, Sales Representative, Call Centre Rep, Executive Sales Consultant, Human Resources Representative, Writer, Leasing Representative, Business Owner (x 6), Feng Shui Master, Mom, Real Estate Broker, Travel Agent, Canvasser, Cook, Baker, Caterer, Instructor, Food Producer and now, Blogger.  With all of these interests and experiences, I believe that I can add something to the world. Well, at least -- I will try.

My current obsession is with food, food production and writing. I really believe that I have more than a knack for it. My recipes and cooking techniques have been gathered from my travels around the world. I feel pretty confident that my recipes are great. I even have product to sell. Hell, I believe I am worthy of having a voice in the blogoshere. I am willing to share my recipes too. And ideas. And how I became this nut job. I hope you join me on this journey!


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