(It’s ALWAYS) About ME!


Hello Dah-link!

My name is Audi. I was once a refined lady but life has made me into a crusty old bitch. I am a mother of two adult phenoms that are wafting through the world like dandelions. I'm married to a jet-setting guy that lives with his bags packed at the door. So most of my marriage I have spent alone.

That's  why I gotta put on my 'big-girl' pants, chef's coat and game face.

I don't care if you are sensitive... This is MY site, MY passion and you should probably SCREW OFF if you have a problem with it. I am telling it like it is in MY world because here it really IS ---ALL ABOUT ME.

My Quick Facts

Eastern European heritage, Several Trades and a Business School, College and University Grad (Perpetual Student), Married with 2 Kids and 2 Pups, Veteran of a Crillion Jobs in a Ba-zilion Industries, Moved across Canada 21 times in 19 years of Marriage (currently landed after the 25th move/29 years-in a town with a crooked mentality and that is so fucking hick that there's hardly one good tooth in most people's faces!), Owner of Hill and Bay.ca (catering company and food processor) that's does almost zero (intentionally) in my town, but flourishes (thank-you-very-much) in a neighbouring ski town. Now, a Blogger, too. Peace out.

Meet the Team

I am a creative "multi-potentialite" and my team is my family.

I love my 4-legged door man and receptionist/mail-room clerk.

I even love the crusty old bear I married. Harrumph.


Audi Stadis

Owner, Menu Guru




This is me. The Chef-du-Jour. I am the "Menu-Guru" of my little company called Hill and Bay located in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

I am truly proud of my recipes and of my company's achievements. (But if you want the real truth, I am most proud that my company is financially able to give us fabulous cooking vaycays in off-the-beaten paths globally.


Oleg Boldireff

Official Taste Tester and (not-so-silent Financial Backer) AND sometimes a Cranky Old Bear


As a career pro in Organ Transplantion, Oleg is one of the most senior folk in the transplant world especially in Canada!



Saga and Rocky

Reception and Mail Room (on right) and Door Man (on left) AND Resident Garbage Disposal System


Saga looks like a "junk yark dog" but is the aristocrat of puppies in manners-- that is, if you're not a tiny dog, a kid or a passing car, in which case you ARE dog meat.

Now, Rocky, who l literally rescued, looks like an noble pup and becomes the spawn of Satan if there's a squirrel nearby, a bird, plane or flippin' moon rising.


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