S-EEking India’s Island Paradise

When I booked our trip, I thought that my research was thorough. I picked up independent reviews on-line, recommendations from expensive travel books, and spoke to native expats that told me of the fabulously pristine, expensive islands of India. Ah yes, I worked hard and this was payback — finally. I certainly deserved the best, as did my hubby. We knew that this vacation was perfect for us. Not only did all the reviews say so, we were ‘willing’ it to be so ergo, we knew that it would be great.… Read the rest

Fr-EEaking Boat Ride to the Indian Maldives!

As part of my prep work in discovering India, I read every review to find the ultimate scuba diving venue in India. I was in search of perfection and not about to settle for something ordinary. I was paying for this fun and demanded nothing short of Eden.
Armed with the Visa entry to India, I focussed on getting our Special Entry Visas to the Lakshadweep Islands. These are the islands that only allow a total of 36 foreigners on this eco-protected ‘paradise’ that are the extension of the Maldives.… Read the rest

CrEE-ating An Adventure (and Other Ideas that Make You Go “EEEEE”!)

Have you ever had a fucking brilliant idea? An idea that honest and pure in its simplicity and yet, it brings an element of magic and fun. Well I have had such a moment of clarity in which I decided to explore India.
Oh sure, it was a great idea at first—a downright epiphany, really. That is, until it came to dealing with the Indian Consulate. Five months before traveling, and long after airline tickets were purchased, I did my research for “seamlessly” obtaining the necessary paperwork for our Visas.… Read the rest

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