Welcome and Be Forewarned!

This blog is about MY voice. It is about speaking freely. Feel free to drop off a mind-blowing recipe, comment, connection OR even a F-bomb.

I plan to speak my effin’ mind.  The intent is NOT to shock but to passionately empathize my point. If this will offend you, well then just SCREW OFF! You ARE NOT my kind-of people and you should LEAVE. GO NOW.  YOU are NOT WELCOME. GO AWAY.

The exception to this, of course, is my on my super-clean product page where we keep it lily white and holier-than thou. Contact me for those items and I will attempt to keep the foul language at a minimum.

Now Welcome…or GET LOST!


Next Steps…

Jump in with both feet and rummage around in my head (go to Blah, Blah Blog ) or my FaceBook location until I re-build my web-site.



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